Module Description

This module provides SLP’s with evidence-based assessment and treatment techniques to improve social communication after acquired brain injury. The focus is on individualized, contextualized intervention.

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    CCCABI Module 7: Social Communication

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SLP’s/SLT’s who work with individuals with acquired brain injuries in all settings (acute to community) interested in cognitive and communication interventions. Focus is on adults and adolescents with some pediatric resources provided.

Sheila MacDonald M.Cl.Sc. SLP (C). For disclosure information, see the About CCCABI webpage.

Learning Outcomes
As a result of this module the participant will be able to: 

  1. Summarize the range of evidence based interventions available for improving social communication after ABI. 
  2. Develop individualized treatments for social communication using evidence based tools, strategies, and social communication intervention programs.

Module Completion Requirements
To complete the module and receive a certificate the learner is required to complete the following: 100% of the module video, a pre-test, a post-test with 80% accuracy on 10 multiple-choice questions (may be taken multiple times), a pre-/post-confidence assessment with 3 confidence ratings, and a brief module evaluation. A clinician's self-evaluation checklist is also provided for your ongoing learning.

This program is offered for .20 ASHA CEUs, Intermediate Level, Professional Area

Time Ordered Agenda 

Topic Area 

Time Allotted 

Video Presentation 

1. Social Communication After ABI: Overview 

15 mins 

2. Assessment & Measurement of Change 

25 mins 

3. Treatment Approaches & Ingredients 

30 mins 

4. Therapy Targets & Techniques 

41 mins 

5. Group Interventions 

14 mins 

6. Communication Partner Training & Social Communication Outcomes. 

16 mins 

7. Clinical Illustrations 


Total Video Presentation 

141 minutes 

Additional Instructional Materials 

1. Clinician’s Self-Evaluation Checklist 

Download & review at your convenience 

2.  Social Communication or Conversation Measures List

Download & review at your convenience

3. Conversation Topics Worksheet 

Download & review at your convenience

4. Adapted Communication:  Communication Partner Tips 

Download & review at your convenience

5. Communication Specific Coping- Getting your Message Across     (Douglas et al., 2012, 2015) 

Download & review at your convenience

6. Communication Specific Coping – Understanding the Message (Douglas et al., 2012, 2015) 

Download & review at your convenience 

7. Extensive Reference List 

Download & review at your convenience

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
For Frequently Asked Questions, please see the FAQ page.