How to Register 
The CCCABI Course was designed specifically for SLP’s/SLT’s. Here’s how to register: 

  1. Press on the “Let’s Get Started” or “Request Access” buttons anywhere on this site and you will be invited to upload your SLP or SLT credentials. Send us a copy of your registration, college, association, or diploma information as proof of your credentials.
  2. Allow some time for us to review your credentials and send you a link to the course modules. (This may take up to a full day depending on what time zone you’re in). 
  3. You will receive an email from us that includes links to all modules & module bundles. A list of all course pricing is available on the About page.

If you've taken Sheila MacDonald’s Cognitive-Communication Level 1 Course, consider starting at Module 7. If you’ve taken Level 2, consider starting at Module 11.

Sheila MacDonald is the instructor for all 12 CCCABI Modules. For speaker bio and disclosures see the About page.

Course Content and Learning Outcomes 
The CCCABI Course was designed for SLP’s at all stages in their careers and in all service settings from acute care to community private practice & school boards. All modules include useful assessment and treatment information for a wide range of practice settings. The course has been tested and refined based on feedback from SLP learners at all levels of practice. The modules include video presentations about 1.5 to 2 hours in length (see module descriptions on website for exact lengths) that you can review, stop, and replay at your convenience. Also, each module includes a full copy of all slides that you can download, extensive reference lists, and clinical tools. Whether you are a new or seasoned practitioner, the modules will provide you with a wealth of information in one centralized location that you can access time and again. Click on the All Courses page for Module descriptions, learning outcomes and outline. We invite you to post questions, comments, or clinical insights in the Discussions section in each module.


Module Completion Requirements 
Each Module progresses in sequence from Module 1 to 12. When you complete module 1 you will be sent the link for the next module. A certificate is awarded upon module completion. Module completion requires that the learner complete the following: 

  1. Review 100% of the course video. 
  2. Complete a  post-test  that includes 10 multiple choice questions with 80% accuracy (can be taken multiple times) 
  3. Complete  3 self-ratings of confidence on the module material. 
  4. Complete a brief evaluation of the module which helps with continuous improvement of the course.

ASHA Continuing Education Credits 
We are an ASHA Approved Continuing Education Provider. If you would like to apply for ASHA CEU’s please indicate this on the course registration form along with your ASHA Identification number. The ASHA CEU’s that can be earned for each module are listed below the module description on the All Courses page. Full course completion is required to earn ASHA CEU’s. There are no partial credits awarded. We will report the ASHA CEU’s earned by learners on a once-monthly basis. 


Course Availability, Cancellations, and Refunds 
Full access to all course materials is provided as soon as a purchase is completed. No refunds will be provided.  Modules are asynchronous and can be accessed at any time. Should changes to course availability occur at any time, you will be notified by email. For a copy of our cancellation and refund policy click here. 


Credit card payments are processed at checkout in Canadian dollars through Stripe, a secure online payment system. All payments and receipts are provided in Canadian dollars. Your credit card company will calculate the exchange between your currency and Canadian funds and will post the amount in your currency on your credit card invoice.  Depending on the currency  this may represent a savings for some purchasers. The responsibility for noting the exchange rate or reconciling currency exchanges on receipts lies with the purchaser. We regret that we cannot offer receipts in other currencies. 


Special Needs 
If you have special needs please contact us at to discuss how we can accommodate your learning needs. 


Questions or Concerns  
Sheila MacDonald & Associates is committed to offering quality continuing education programs tailored to the needs of SLP’s. If you have a suggestion or a concern, please contact us at  to discuss.