The CCCABI Course

I’m pleased to introduce the Cognitive-Communication Course for Acquired Brain Injury (CCCABI Course) which is comprised of 12 modules that integrate clinical and research evidence from coma to career. Each comprehensive module provides you with Video Lectures that incorporate research evidence, clinical insights, and the stories of those with lived experience of ABI. Each module also includes a Library of Clinical Resources including 80 to 150 slides, over 100 references, and practical clinical tools. Nine of the modules focus specifically on Treatment. I tailored this course to speech-language pathologists/therapists (SLP/SLT). They move quickly beyond the basics to delve deeply into evidence, assessment measures and treatment strategies that are unique to our cognitive-communication interventions. The CCCABI course sets out to answer why the specialized training of speech-language pathologists is necessary on the ABI team. Proof of SLP/SLT qualifications is required for participation in the CCCABI courses. Each module builds upon prior modules and must be taken in sequence*.

I invite you to take the Pre-Test and Post-Test for each module which will help you to assess your knowledge while helping us to evaluate and refine the course for future learners. There is also a Feedback Survey at the end of the module where you can provide us with your feedback to help us improve the course.

I have also provided a Clinician Evaluation tool for each module that you can use to evaluate your skills set goals for personal growth, evaluate students and mentees, or educate others about your quality assurance efforts. A Certificate of Completion is provided at the end of each module as well as the following credentialling after groupings of courses:

  • CCCABI Level 1: Awarded after Module 6 (This is generally equivalent to Sheila’s CCD Level 1 Course)
  • CCCABI Level 2:  Awarded after Module 10: (This is generally equivalent to Sheila’s CCD Level 2 Course)
  • CCCABI Level 3: Higher Level (Concussion/mTBI/Mild ABI) Awarded after Module 12: This is generally equivalent to Sheila’s “When Mild is not Mild” Course.

It is my sincere hope that the CCCABI Course can help to integrate the empirical knowledge of research leaders in our field with the clinical insights of dedicated clinicians in a one-stop resource that saves you time, builds capacity in our profession, creates a community of practice, ignites empathy and advocacy, and ultimately improves the lives of the people with brain injuries that we serve!!

*SLP’s who have already taken some of Sheila’s courses can contact us to take modules in the sequence that suits them.

CCCABI Modules

CCD from Coma to Community Participation

CCCABI Author and Instructor

Sheila MacDonald

Sheila MacDonald’s dedication to those living with the effects of brain injury includes research, education, advocacy, the development of two standardized tests, the CCCABI referral tool, practice guidelines, evidence-informed publications, and participation on the ANCDS’s TBI Research and Writing Committee. Her acclaimed clinical short courses draw on years of experience in community practice where she assists individuals with return to social, academic, and workplace communications after ABI.

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